Have you ever wondered about going someplace just to have fun and eat good food? Because if you have, then you should know about Chicago, Illinois where all things are possible. You can both enjoy your day having fun while eating your heart away. Chicago is, after all, a populated place so you would expect to see a lot of people. If you are shy then this is the city to help you get over that shyness. Chicago is after all home to many amazing and beautiful tourist attractions like the Marilyn Monroe statue which is so big. That is why you should visit Chicago because the fun will only start when you start by booking a ticket there.

Because Chicago is a busy town and is the most populated you would expect that every day would be an adventure because you would see kids and adults around and even the park would be filled with people, but not too much. Though it can be a busy city, you would still be able to have a breather because you would be able to see beautiful modern art around the city, if you look hard enough. Chicago is the place if you want your dreams to come true because they do have amazing theaters and food. No one makes the best hotdogs other than Chicago.

Another thing about Chicago is that you wouldn’t ever think of being bored because the sound of cars passing by and people walking around would give you that city feel. Chicago is also known as the windy city which can be a shock for those who haven’t been to Chicago but it must be because Chicago works in its own way. When you are in Chicago, you shouldn’t forget to bring a map so that you can jot down every place you want to visit so that you wouldn’t miss a thing while you are there. This way the days that you spent there would be worth it as well.

If you are an art lover, then Chicago is the destination for you because they have an art institution wherein the sides of the stairs are a green statue of lions which are pretty amazing. Though Chicago can offer you so much you should still make sure to visit the navy pier because that is where all the fun will start. You get to ride on merry go rounds and Ferris wheels which both are fun to ride, and you can find them at the Chicago navy pier. You can even go on a boat ride if you wanted to because Chicago does have a river and there are boats on standby.

Truly Chicago is one of the many jewels Illinois has to offer so if ever you are wondering where you should go when you are about to have your vacation or holiday then Chicago should be the place. Because they aren’t only good in giving your tummy the best, they would also make sure that every day would be a fun day for you and your family. You can even visit Chicago by yourself or with friends because Chicago welcomes anyone in their city especially if they are ready to have fun Chicago style. There are a lot of attractions that Chicago has to offer, and the arts and theater are just a few. That is why you should book a ticket and prepare your bags because Chicago is waiting for you and they will be ready for you as well because once you book the ticket, the fun will start!